Our Founders: Three Wise Guys!

You don’t find a more unlikely trio than Holger Majorahn, Jennifer Stenberg and Anna-Maria Dickinson but they do have a few traits in common:

Together they’ve amassed 80-some years of painting.
They’re not old, but they are incredibly wise.
The three have an insatiable urge to paint.
Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.
They have an incurable phobia of empty walls and an annoying tendency to straighten pictures when they enter a room.
They’re nuts about their dogs.
They can survive without a regular pay cheque.

And last but definitely not least, there’s that mad, crazy love they have for the artists, musicians and normal people who have gravitated to this cultural mecca for decades.

HOLGER MAJORAHN was born in 1947 in Germany and studied at the College for Art, Design and Communication in Munich. After traveling extensively through Europe, he then established himself as an illustrator/graphic designer in Germany. During that time Holger pursued his love for painting, participating in art shows in Munich, Cologne and Duesseldorf. In 1980 he immigrated to Canada, where he freelanced as an illustrator. For two decades Holger worked as a Senior Art Director in Toronto. He is presently residing two hours north of Toronto in the hills of Grey County, just west of Beaver Valley, in the small village of Flesherton, where he is following his passion as a painter and sculptor.

JENNIFER STENBERG was born in Saskatchewan, educated in Manitoba, headed out to Alberta, crossed back to Quebec and finally landed in Ontario. Somewhere between Alberta and Quebec she switched from journalism to graphic arts.  It wasn't until she settled in the rolling hills of Grey County (northwest of Toronto) that she finally picked up a paintbrush (in the late 90s). Since then, she's picked up hundreds of paint brushes at first in a mad attempt to capture the architecture and beautiful landscapes of the County.  Now the paintings, mostly acrylic on board, are inspired by urban and rural scenes that she, her partner and their dogs explore on their cross-Canada trips.


ANNA-MARIA DICKINSON has two painting personalities. Born on the Island of St. Vincent,
a self-described Child of the Tropics, Anna-Maria has been known to paint the bold colours of her Caribbean life on one day and switch to the softer palette of Grey County the next. Her Island paintings take us up vibrant streets, steamy market places and along balmy beaches that tell stories of joy, love and the beauty of Island life. Her Grey County pieces capture the serene landscapes, rustic barns and the ancient contents of abandoned rural buildings.