The creative forces behind the shiny ARTSONTEN GalleryBoutique have a mission. The lofty task (the idea started and developed over a bold, dry cab-sauv) is to bring original, local art back to the forefront, where it belongs. Their job is to provide art and crafts, created by their own paint-spattered hands to those who truly appreciate the finer things in life - like art. They also recognize good food and wine as fine things and are willing to talk about those too.

What you WON’T find at ARTSONTEN:

-The words: Made in China

-Two or more of a kind

-Lack of imagination

-Intimidating and dull art experts hell-bent on making a sale

What you WILL find at ARTSONTEN:

-Three painters who will never own a print from a big box store

-Three painters who will tell you why it’s important for you to not own

a print from a big box store

-Fun, original art