Next on the wall at ARTSONTEN is Totems by young energetic painter Keith Barkhouse who resides in the bucolic village of Eugenia.
"Totems was inspired by the connection between humans and animals," said Barkhouse. "A "totem" is a spirit guide in animal form, so each portrait features the person with their spirit guide(s)."
In three short months, obviously inspired by his surroundings in Grey County, Barkhouse has created a brilliant collection, mainly acrylic on canvas but also includes a few clay sculptures.  
"I let the animals come to me. The moth painting was inspired by moths out of a back window and the monkey one was inspired by an old proverb I read," he added.
In addition to painting, Barkhouse is a sculptor, fashion photographer and writer. His book The Thorn in the Fawn was published 2008. He has also written many award-winning plays including After the Raven, Keltlore and Saighdear, all of which have been produced at the Bauer Theatre in Antigonish. 
Barkhouse began studying drama and English at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick in 1999, where he discovered the art world and quickly changed his major to Drama and Fine Arts, a natural medium for him to tell his stories. The Globe and Mail, The Casket, The Sackville Tribune, 7 Mondays Publications and Cormorant Book are just a few publications that have featured his photography.
Meet Keith Barkhouse and be the first to see Totems at the opening reception Saturday, August 31 from 4 - 8 p.m. For more information see or call: 519-341-6135.


What a fantastic GRAND OPENING it was!

For one year now, 20 Syndenham St. in Flesherton, had been a frenetic hub of activity. Paint balls were flying, winged creatures were appearing all over the property and a giant wacky wall has suddenly risen from the ground.
On July 13, 2013  we had the official (finally!) ARTSONTEN Grand Opening. Our first guest artist, Debbie Schenk unveiled her dazzling new work: MARILYN. Fantastic!  And behind the scenes creators of the new whimsical CUCKOO VALLEY GARDEN were welcoming guests from as far as Toronto, London and from all over Ontario. Entertainment of magnificent local jazz musician Dylan Moore and friends where also highlights at this unforgettable event.  If you missed it come and experience Grey County's one-of-a-kind art gallery ARTSONTEN and its sculpture outdoor extravaganza CuckooValleyGarden - ...where art and nature come together!

We are open Thursday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm. See you then! Cheers!

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